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We are Total HR Solution Provider

Established business support in North America

Creo has countless achievements when it comes to supporting new businesses to develop in North America. Complete support of the HR labor management division is possible from the start of the operation until you arrive at the troubleshooting consultation. This includes from Japan to here: business negotiation and observation, interpretation of contract time, company establishment, immediate employee hiring (PEO) and temporary employee placement, introduction of talented core staff, agents for employee interviews and advice, and appropriate HR system construction. We will help you to make an ideal company in order to avoid business risks as much as possible in the businesses established in North America.


Professional Translation Services

We provide confidential high quality translation service in HR, General Affairs, and technical related documents. Usually, translation services are delivered by one Japanese/English bilingual person. However, our translation services are delivered by two professionals: a Japanese person with business experience and an American. This process is done by a Japanese translator translating into English after they communicate the appropriate Japanese expressions in English. Then the American staff reviews the translation and proofreads for the best English sentences based on your type of business and document.
(The process is reversed for translating into Japanese from English)

Examples for translation services:
Work regulations, Job descriptions, performance management documents, contracts, technical related documents, presentation documents, instruction manuals, company websites, etc

Please click here for US business support, requests for, and questions about professional translation service.