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For Job Seekers
  • Are you really satisfied with your current staffing service?
  • Have you met a consultant who really understands your career expectations?
  • More than just being introduced to the job opening, have you received adequate information on Japanese culture and work habits?

Creo is a total HR solution provider, not a staffing agency. In other words, we are one of the few consulting agencies in which HR professionals are able to give you advice from the hiring companies' perspectives. We will never bother you with positions that you do not want, because our goal is to provide complete support to find a perfect job for you. From registration to finding the job, all of our services are provided free of charge.

Located in the heart of the American Mid-West and South, we have a strong network throughout out the entire United States and also Canada, which enables us to match you with a job that best fits your career goals and expectations. Rest assured that we will keep your registration confidential.

Our career consultant will contact you within 24 hours (except holidays) after the registration. Counseling is available by appointment 8am~8pm during the weekdays, 12pm~5pm on Saturdays. Please call 513-771-7750 to make an appointment and if you have any questions.

*Creo will not willfully disclose any specific individual information obtained during the registration process. As specified in our Privacy Policy, we will not submit any resumes to companies without your express consent. Our staff is dedicated to making your job search as smooth as possible in what many consider to be a small Japanese community. You can put your mind at ease when you register or consult with us.

Would you like to go back to US?

Creo Consulting strongly supports your job search in the US and Canada. We have a lot of job openings for English-Japanese bilinguals with the growing Japanese automotive industries. Since the number of working visas for foreigners in the US has been decreased, many Japanese companies are interested in Japanese speaking US/Canadian Citizens and permanent residents.

Quarterly, Creo Consulting schedules job seeker counseling in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, and also will have the capability to set up Video Conference interviews between Japan and US.